Day Eleven

Total Mileage ZERO

After falling asleep in clean white sheets, bathed, and with a fire crackling away in the fireplace of our perfect Western-themed hotel room, we were set up for a wonderful zero day. The hotel even did our laundry so we had clean outfits to put on! We had dry gear, a ride to the trailhead the next morning provided by the hotel….

We still woke up early- can’t shake hiker time- and wandered over to the local coffee roaster next door. That cup of coffee was glorious and we drank it on the porch with Mt San Jacinto and Taquitz Peak glowing in the morning light above us. The sun was out, a nice contrast from the grey and gloom of the day before. 
After a while we wandered over to the bakery where we ate the best sticky bun I’ve ever had, and it was the size of my face. Left no room for the breakfast burritos we had also ordered.

Then we walked over to the grocery store where we did a quick 6 day resupply for the next leg to Big Bear. It was our first grocery resupply and we made out pretty well: ramen, stuffing, instant potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and a Knorr broccoli cheddar rice side. A couple packs of tuna, some mayo packets, tons of candy and bars. We will see. This section has a lot of trail magic so I’m sure I won’t run out of food but I need to get more creative with my snacking and lunches.

Got kicked out of our hotel room at noon and we made our way over to the state park- $3 a night hiker rate, with coin showers and flush toilets. We hung out with some other hikers there- Mishap, Birddog, Curiosity, Grizzly amongst others. The campground has the plague (really) so there were signs everyone to be careful around the squirrels. 

At some point during our wandering about town we also saw the town mayor, Max, a golden retriever. A man also showed us some baby raccoons he was carrying in a Tupperware bin. Josh helped a little old lady across the street and the stoner gas station attendant across the street (have you seen Clerks?) thanked him profusely. 

Had a beer for dinner at the Idyllwild Brewpub along with a steak salad and some chili cheese fries, and then we wandered back over to the campground where we chatted with more hikers and fell asleep around 8pm.
Idyllwild is magical, I hope we move there someday. 


One thought on “Day Eleven”

  1. This is Uncle Dave; the one from Hudsonville. I’m loving keeping up with your adventures Josh and Jill. I appreciate the honest writing style with all the details. You both are making lifetime memories most of us could only dream of.
    The interesting people with unique names, water caches, the “q” word, rain, heat, all make things so real.
    Hike on guys! Blessings!


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