Day Zero

Our May Day start was definitely intentional in celebration of worker’s rights all around the world. 

We stayed the night before in a hotel in El Cajon with some friends from LA- one of whom had already thru’d the PCT- who graciously agreed to drive us to the border for our start. They provided us with Trailhead wine, a lovely parting gift of tequila and Canadian whisky (Mexico to Canada, get it?) plus a couple snickers bars. 

Josh and I were both pretty quiet in our hotel. I’ve had awful stomach pain all week. Needless to say we were nervous and I was glad to have someone familiar with the trail.

We got to the trailhead about 830am (a late start) and our friends took the requisite monument photos. Terminus Tom, a PCTA volunteer, was hanging out asking about start dates and permits.

Josh and I were still both quiet, and finally it was time for us to just start walking. Bret left us with the parting words, “remember, everyone is jealous of YOU right now.” 


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