Training Hikes

So, we set out today with a somewhat ambitious goal – 20 miles in one day. When we actually get started on the PCT, we will probably be needing to average 20 miles per day to finish before the snow in northern Washington ends our journey, and up till now we’ve never really hiked more than 15. 

We decided on what looked like a relatively flat, easy route, just something to get our feet wet, if you will… What we didn’t plan on was the fact that the trail would be Completely. Washed. Out. due to the recent rainstorms. After the first 2 miles of rather easy cruiser trail, we came down to a raging river that wasn’t even on our map.

So, this isn’t a photo of the actual river. Neither of us took a photo of it- blame it on us still getting used to blogging. Long story short, we didn’t want to spend all day with wet shoes, because we didn’t have to. Instead, we spent the morning exploring some small side trails around the Vasquez Rocks Park, and ended up having tons of fun! All in all we probably got 9 miles in, which is still nothing to be ashamed of.


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